The clinic is distinct in being fully independent from any supplier of prosthetic components. We are able to fit prosthetic solutions from the market as a whole, focusing only on what is right for you, always being mindful of your budget.

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The exprerience

When you visit our clinic for the first time, you will meet with our lead prosthetist who will consult you about the best rehabilitation options to suit your needs. Then, the rehabilitation procedure will be initiated: First measurements will be taken and then a first – test – socket will be created and a temporary prosthetic limb will be provided so you can start walking as soon as possible.

The prosthetic socket is the most important component of the entire prosthesis as it is the part that comes in contact with the amputee’s residual limb and, if is not properly made and comfortable, it will most likely cause you to stop wearing the prosthesis due to pain and irritation. Also, you will not be able to walk properly, you will get tired very quickly and will experience pain in other parts of your body.

In our clinic we make sure that the prosthetic socket custom-made for every amputee will be a perfect fit, comfortable and functional. When this is achieved, and after the amputee has gone through a rehabilitation programme that will include physiotherapy, walking training and biomechanical motion evaluation, the final prosthesis will be provided. This will, in most cases, be the final prosthetic limb.

Our on-site workshop means that we can make same-day adjustments and we strive to have industry beating turnaround times. Ask us about a same-day check socket service.

Post-fitting support

For us, rehabilitation does not end with providing you with the final prosthesis; it continues through every step you take with the prosthesis, through the company’s specialised, custom-designed, aftercare services and support.
Every person working for HCi Viocare considers outstanding functionality and comfort to be the company’s standard in addition to a complete post-fitting support service. Our mission is to make every amputee and person with disabilities walk again and walk well, free of pain and irritation, being able to go about his life, work, play sports and be fully reintegrated back to the society.

Residential Programmes

For those from further away, or wanting rapid results, short residential programmes can be arranged, with intensive use of our rehabilitation facilities and accommodation at the nearby Village The Hotel Club